We advice when selecting the materials for orders, assess the prices and time limits, create unique constructions and design, we have a perfect knowledge of various materials and production processes from idea till the finishing of the final product. We always find the quickest way of production,it helps to save Your time and money.





Coordination of advertising projects

We coordinate all projects for the production of the outdoor advertising. We prepare for You, state institutions or business partners the documents, signboard visualisations and technical drawings that are required. We consult about the easiest and most effective ways to reach consumers and present your trade mark to them.

Design and layout formatting

We create unique design and offer modern visualisation solutions. We make all products that are needed to maintain corporate identity. We can package everything into the packages, envelopes or special design bags that are made especially for You. Professional designers will make sure that Your corporate image or trade mark would maintain continuity everywhere.



Printing and advertising production

We make everything by ourselves, therefore we offer exceptional quality control of the products. Only qualified specialists with long-term experience work within the team. Due to our wide technical capabilities, all ideas become projects that are actually implemented. "GSP" will take care of light boxes, showcase decoration, canopies, stands, dimensional advertising, and car wrapping as well.


We understand the importance of the timely product reception at the agreed place, therefore we deliver our production not only in Lithuania, but abroad as well. We value the time of our clients, therefore the reliable delivery is ensured not only by the personal team of couriers, but also by the partners – courier delivery services.



Installation and warranty

We take care of product attachment, at the location where installation and setting up works need to be performed. We ensure that everything would be performed smoothly, quickly, but most important - with quality. Everything from start to finish is made by ourselves, therefore we are responsible for the final product and provide warranty. In case of a malfunction we help and fix it.