Lietuvos spauda retail shops 113
NARVESEN retail shops 61
CAFFEINE cafes 45

Reitan Convenience operates three brands - Narvesen outlets, Lithuanian newsstands and the Caffeine cafe chain. These retail chains are very different, so the customer faces tremendous challenges in managing point-of-sale facilities so that they arrive exactly what they need, at the right time and in the right places.

To solve the customer's challenges, we performed an audit and inventory of all advertising materials in the sales outlets. Our inventory allows the customer to real-time estimate the quantities, specification, pricing, or distribution matrices of different instruments across the retail chain.

GSP SUPPLY provides the customer with a long-term full-service management service for all visual sales information items in the sales network. Reitan Convenience orders and distributes all products using our self-service system SOS.GSP.LT. According to the client, working with this system provides more speed, efficiency, and quality.